Calgary Guitar Lessons

About Ethan Lavender

  • Accomplished guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, and bassist.
  • Experienced in music production, Ableton Live
  • Studied at Berklee College of Music
    • 2021 All-star Jazz band

Located in Calgary, Alberta, I am a 21 year old musician, and have played primarily guitar for 14 years. I have experience in everything from pop, classic rock, acoustic folk, fingerstyle, and jazz guitar. I am confident in teaching whatever style the student is most interested in, while still teaching the essentials that every good guitarist must have. After having gone through 8 different guitar teachers by the age of 13, I’ve experienced how guitar lessons can be boring and ineffective for kids in particular. That is why it is my goal to teach what is most essential and relevant to students, while keeping them engaged by effectively learning the songs that they want to play. All students of all skill levels and ages will see fast improvement with adequate practicing.

Guitar Lessons

Lessons will be tailored to each student, building on the skills already developed through their previous lessons and experience, or starting from scratch. All styles/genres can be taught – (rock, pop, jazz, funk, fingerstyle), as well as acoustic or electric guitar.

With in-studio lessons, students can work with recording equipment to get professional sounding videos and audio.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners will focus on:

  • Basic fundamentals (scales, chords, technique)
  • Essential music theory relevant to guitar
  • Songs (of any style) that the student enjoys playing

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons will focus on:

  • More advanced theory (modes, tensions, dominant functions, advanced scales)
  • Ear training
  • Improvisation and soloing
  • Songs that challenge the student

Online guitar lessons are now available via google meet, contact for more info.


  • In home (I go to you) – $40/half hour, $60/hour
  • In studio or online (Located in NW Calgary)  – $30/half hour, $50/hour

FREE TRIALS FOR FIRST TIME STUDENTS (30 min) – I’ll go to you and you can see if you are interested in taking lessons!